iCONECT as a service (SaaS)

Our iCONECT as a service (SaaS) was specifically designed to be used by litigators which require ad hoc litigation support services on demand. e-discoveryservices has developed our Software as a Service for litigators who need the heavy lifting of a best in class document review platform. We will work with your trial team to create a custom workflow for your case.

With e-discovery’s services SaaS offering:

  • Dedicated project management
  • Scalable pricing models
  • Predictive Coding
  • Visualization tool
  • Email conversation threading
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Native view redaction
  • Ingest native, pst, nsf, dii, dat, lfp files
  • Transcript management with real time
  • Creates Concordance, Relativity, Iconnect, Introspect load files
  • All data is returned in encrypted volume upon case resolution

Trusted by the world’s largest law firms.

Get started easily with linked Active Directory users. Get to work in any web browser, in the language of your choice. Our solution is available behind a firewall or hosted with one of our worldwide partners.

Easy Startup




Create your own workflow

Collaborate with your team with instant access to performance metrics, hot documents, coding manuals, and administrative functions.

Seeing is believing

We’ve taken ‘ease of use’ to the next level with thumbnails, drag/drop, custom folder templates and uber-simple search.

Watch how we’re redefining eDiscovery

eDiscovery features that are continuing to raise the bar. iCONECT constantly optimizes and innovates to enhance your workflow and get the job done.