AD Summation as a Service

Our AD Summation as a Service (AD SaaS) was specifically designed to be used by litigators which require ad hoc litigation support services on demand. e-discoveryservices has developed our Software as a Service for litigators who need the heavy lifting of a best in class document review platform. We will work with your trial team to create a custom workflow for your case.

With e-discovery’s services SaaS offering:

  • Dedicated project management
  • Scalable pricing models
  • Predictive Coding
  • Visualization tool
  • Email conversation threading
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Native view redaction
  • Ingest native, pst, nsf, dii, dat, lfp files
  • Transcript management with real time
  • Creates Concordance, Relativity, Iconnect, Introspect load files
  • All data is returned in encrypted volume upon case resolution

Access Data Summation Case Organizer – Data Sheet (PDF Download):

What’s Included?

Get early case assessment capabilities (data ingestion, processing, culling, export with load file creation and first pass review—including advanced visualization tools) and final review features (search, annotation, predictive coding, production tools and transcript support). Summation is offered as an all-inclusive, reasonably priced subscription. This means no add-ons for modules, no throughput charges for processing, and no hosting or data export fees!

Feature Highlights

Technology Assisted Review “TAR”
An automatic ‘predictive coding’ functionality is integrated directly into Summation. This eliminates the need to put reviewer eyes on every document to find the most relevant set, which dramatically reduces review time and cost.

Summation includes a graphical interface of illustrated graphs and charts to enhance understanding and analysis of case data. The graphics allow users to get a visual representation of case data volumes and types and to quickly assess custodian communication patterns.

Interoperability with FTK & MPE+ 
Summation interoperates with FTK, allowing users to perform additional analysis that FTK offers and then review data as part of their larger cases. Likewise, Summation ingests files from AD’s Mobile Phone Examiner Plus so that users may review the often highly relevant case data found on mobile phones and tablets.

Near Native & Word Boundary Redaction
Summation allows users to apply color redactions on near native files, which allows them to redact first and then image only the redacted set. This means teams image a smaller subset of documents, which saves time and money. Summation also offers color ‘word-boundary redactions’—meaning that instead of creating multiple boxes, the user can drag the redaction tool over a whole sentence as if highlighting text in MS Word.

Transcript Support with Realtime
Summation also offers industry-leading transcript support that historical users have come to depend on—including color annotation and issue coding, printable digest reports and Realtime integration.