eDiscovery Processing

What is eDiscovery Processing?

e-discovery processinge-discovery Services provides e-discovery processing solutions for law firms, inside counsel and government agencies. We are familiar with all aspects of the Electronic Data Reference Model (EDRM), which involves the collection, gathering, and assembly of data the requested by opposing parties. The data requested can reside in servers, laptops, and hand held devices. We are experts in making digital forensic copies of the requested data and converting the data into industry leading file formats for loading in document review platforms such as Summation Iblaze, Concordance, I-pro, and Relativity. We also assist counsel with the complex technical details involved when requesting electronic data from opposing parties.

Electronic (or digital) information is different from other tangible types of information (like paper documents). Vast amounts of data may be stored on a small electronic device. The sheer volume and persistence of the data from digital storage devices often requires specialized knowledge and sophisticated software.

The information that may be retrieved from a digital device may contain more than just the basic data or textual content. Electronic data includes metadata which can be very useful, as evidence, in civil and criminal investigations. Such metadata might include the date a document was created or edited and who made such edits. Sometimes the metadata can include previous copies of the document that may differ from the current version.

We are well versed with multiple leading data recovery software applications and can provide valuable assistance to our clients during the e-discovery process.

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