Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SaaS offering work?

Our SaaS offering is simple: your firm does not need to purchase a license or the hardware necessary for large scale ediscovery processing, review and production. You simply pay a monthly license usage fee, server storage and project management time. That is it. When the case settles we return your data for archiving, no need for additional staffing or assets to manage after the case settles or goes away.

What if I need multiple licenses 5-10 for a period of time but as the case goes on I only need 1 or 2?

Our system is completely scalable to fit your needs, additional licensing could be made available immediately to within a couple of hours. We will work with your firm to set in place a proper workflow for your document review and assist you as needed during the course of your review period.

Our client has a limited budget.

We offer flat billing pricing for cases that have limited budgets, one flat rate per month for an agreed period of time.

We have been just set for trial, and have a mix of CD’s DVD’s with miscellaneous load files that we need to host and give access to co-counsel for trial.

Our SaaS offering can ingest native files, scanned paper documents and all leading litigation support load files such as, Relativity, Concordance, TrialDirector, and of course Summation .dii files. We can have all of your data loaded and ready for review overnight, depending on the quantity of the data. Individual Login profiles can be established for co-counsel with complete control as to, printing rights, access rights and audit trails while in the platform. Your trial team can access the system anywhere there is an internet connection on their own device (BYOD).

We have limited experience with e-discovery is there training available?

Yes, training is included with the hosting service agreement; we can provide additional litigation support as needed.